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Gallery Seven, in addition to candid snaps taken around San Francisco, features the Old Wright Army Hospital and old artillery on the grounds of the Hospital located at the Presidio of San Francisco.  During Winter, when things are less crowded, it is easier to study in greater detail some of the many gems to be found in the City.  Finally we end our Winter studies with some views of our February 2004 sky.  We hope you enjoy these never before published photos.

A Pacific Heights view of San Francisco Bay A Pigeon in flight A Crow and a Gull taking to flight Red-tailed Hawk Flying Off The Sutro Baths ruins in San Francisco

Wright General Hospital Old Wright General Hospital Wright Army Hospital at the Presidio Wright Army Hospital at the Presidio of San Francisco Brilliant red flowers

French 155 mm artillery piece French 155 mm artillery piece Mortars in front of the old Wright Army Hospital French 24 Pounder Breech of the French 24 Pounder

February clouds over San Francisco Cold February morning Rain Clouds Engulf Mt. Sutro, San Francisco Winter Clouds A golden February sunset

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