Blue Angels and Birds

Each year, normally, San Francisco is blessed with a visit by the United States Navy Blue Angels as part of the annual Fleet Week celebration.

The air show is held over San Francisco Bay in the area of the Marina District of the City.  This area contains some of the City's more forested areas such as those found around Fort Mason.  Many birds, including Crows, Ravens, various small hawks and small land birds live in those areas.

The noise of the Blue Angels (which also fly directly over the City) performing next to the birds' homes sometimes causes them to stampede.  From Nob Hill they can be seen approaching with an appearance akin to that of a swarm of bees.  Such a swarm will include many of the above-referenced birds.  All thought of being natural enemies is forgotten during such times.

In this picture, the Blue Angels flying over Nob Hill -- seemingly prodding the stampede -- the swarm of birds over Nob Hill is heading toward the Southwest and away from the action.  Just as with human stampedes, things eventually settle down and life returns to normal.

This photo was first published November 1, 2007 by City Birds.

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