This set of American Robin pictures includes pictures of Robin eggs, the chicks and the nest left behind.  These are not the Robins featured in the prior addition to this section which shows San Francisco Robins gathering food to feed their young; but, rather, they are chicks born and raised under the eves of a home in Duluth, Minnesota during June, 2013.

The Duluth Robins left the nest in good shape.  Being early in the breeding season, it is likely another pair of breeding Robins or birds of another feather might find the nest and use it to lay eggs and raise a family.  But at the time, the nest is a property on the market as humans would say.

First published August 20, 2013 by City Birds.

Three beautifully colored Robin eggs in Duluth MN. Three healthy Robin chicks in Duluth, MN during June, 2013. The Robin chicks having left the nest, this fine nest is ready for new occupants.


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