During a typically cold, windy, gray, San Francisco day in August, this Sharp-shinned Hawk was seen perched on first one and then another rooftop ledge, scouring the gardens and trees below in one of few remaining courtyards in the City.

The hawk remained over the courtyard for quite awhile.  The bird's waiting game was not without danger.  With attention on the gardens and trees below, looking to make a meal out of a small bird, the hawk is exposed to attack by a larger bird of prey.

First published August 20, 2013 by City Birds.

The Sharp-shinned Hawk is surveying the gardens and trees below in search of a small bird to eat. The Sharp-shinned Hawk is easy to distinguish from the larger Coopers Hawk by the squared off tail. The strong summer wind is ruffling the Sharp-shinned Hawk's feathers as the bird waits for a meal to arrive on the scene.


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