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Republic of Korea (ROK), 1963 -- a Retrospective
Ten Years After the Weapons of War Went Silent

Flag of the Republic of Korea

"Republic of Korea, 1963 -- a Retrospective" is a slideshow trilogy featuring that part of Korea (the "ROK") commonly referred to as "South Korea" and focuses on the area near the 38th Parallel Demilitarized Zone ("DMZ").

These photos were taken by City Birds using a 35mm camera.  We have digitized the 35mm images and enhanced them for presentation here.  In addition to providing a ten year benchmark of South Korea's recovery from war, included are pictures which reflect the great beauty of the Land.

Since 1963 South Korea has become one of the more important nations both in finance and commerce.  A truce with North Korea has been in effect for over 50 years.  However, the War, which took millions of lives, is not officially over.

Slideshow One -- The U.S. Army in Korea

These pictures show some of the U.S. Army presence in South Korea during 1963, exactly ten years after the last shot was fired during the Korean War.  Fighting between 1950-53 saw millions of casualties and leveled most of South Korea.  Ten years later there is a sometimes shaky truce with North Korea.  South Korea is on the mend in 1963.

Seen are U.S. Army troops training against a backdrop of beautiful mountains, enjoying a game of baseball, and giving a helping hand to Koreans who have not as of that time gotten their lives back together.  Seen also, up close, is the DMZ and the ROK Army keeping a vigilant eye to the North.

NOTE:  The first picture features the old Japanese Administration Building which has since been demolished.  Korea was under Japanese domination for decades until WWII ended.  The building was a reminder of the colonial days of which the Koreans didn't care to be reminded.

Slideshow Two -- From Incheon to the Countryside

These pictures show the famous Incheon Harbor, some showing Incheon City in the background.  NOTE:  The city's name, in English, is correctly spelled as "Incheon," "Inchon," and "Inche'on."  You will see the beaches of the famous "Incheon Landing" during the Korean War.

In the picturesque countryside you will see charming small farms and villages and breathtaking panoramas showing the beauty of Korea as seen during 1963.

Slideshow Three --Peope and Places of Korea

These pictures include panoramas of Seoul rebuilding after almost being completely destroyed during the War fought between 1950 and 1953.

Featured are the Korean people during 1963 in scenes photographed in and around Seoul.  You will see happy and confident children.  You will see the people at work and relaxing.  You will see life beginning to return to normal after so much destruction.

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