Crow Attacks Red-tailed Hawk

When Red-tailed Hawks try to perch upon an old-growth pine in City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco, they do so at their own risk.  This unfortunate hawk, which is at least three times larger than a Crow, is finding out the hard way.  Having been evicted from such a tree by a gang of around a dozen Crows, we see this Red-tailed Hawk in the process of being escorted out of Dodge.

Crows are very intelligent birds and they are superb tacticians in aerial combat.  This Crow is at the head of the line while others wait their turn to have at the hawk.

This photo was first published June 3, 2005 by City Birds.  NOTE:  Due to the cutting down of historic old-growth trees in City Birds Country, at 2008 the presence of Red-tailed Hawks and several other interesting wild birds is now rare.

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