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Two Starlings at Fishermen's Wharf Starlings, like gulls, Brewers Blackbirds and Pigeons, are found keeping the streets and sidewalks at Fishermen's Wharf, San Francisco, clean of even a morsel of food by foraging from morning to night.  This pair of European Starlings is one of several in the neighborhood of Pier 39 during a fine February 2006 day.  This photo was first published February 28, 2006 by City Birds.

This House Sparrow is enjoying a flower prior to making its rounds at the park benches and tables at Union Square, San Francisco, looking for a dropped crumb or a handout at the feet of humans.  The House Sparrow is far more relaxed around people than the more jumpy House Finch.  This photo was first published February 28, 2006 by City Birds.

A Man and Birds On a typically cool, overcast morning at Ocean Beach, this man, armed with some scraps of food, is surrounded by hungry birds of many feathers looking for a handout.  A good shepherd, he knows his friends; and, his friends know him.

Although the small Pigeons and the large gull-like birds are comfortable with lots of people around, the Ravens are a bit shy.  A dark, gray morning sees fewer people and more Ravens.  Such a time is a good time to get close to the birds.  This photo was first published December 9, 2005 by City Birds.

Friendly Raven at Ocean Beach, San Francisco When reporting such things as murders and other felonies as well as reports of profound, frightening events, the Media loves to use the sounds of Crows and Ravens to magnify emotions of fear, terror, darkness, evil.

We City Birds find this misrepresentation of these two friendly birds most humorous.  The Raven is as gentle as a black house cat.  And the Crow is a comedian.  But both birds are always up to the challenge of defending the small birds from birds of prey.  This photo was first published December 9, 2005 by City Birds.

Crow Attacks Red-tailed Hawk When Red-tailed Hawks try to perch upon an old-growth pine in City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco, they do so at their own risk.  This unfortunate hawk, which is at least three times larger than a Crow, is finding out the hard way.  Having been evicted from such a tree by a gang of around a dozen Crows, we see this Red-tailed Hawk in the process of being escorted out of Dodge.  Crows are very intelligent birds and they are superb tacticians in aerial combat.  This Crow is at the head of the line while others wait their turn to have at the hawk.  This photo was first published June 3, 2005 by City Birds.

Two Red-tailed Hawks Red-tailed Hawks like tall, old-growth trees on which to perch and to wait for a meal to come their way.  Red-tailed Hawks are large birds with a wing span of up to 57 inches.

This pair of Red-tailed Hawks was photographed in City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco, on a cold, gray morning.  The only food available to them in these parts are Pigeons and other birds.  This digital photo was first published May 18, 2005 by City Birds.

Sharp-shinned Hawk and House Finches As a large airliner lumbers along low in the sky over City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco, preparing to land; undisturbed, a Sharp-shinned Hawk hovers above, selecting a House Finch on which to dine -- in much the same manner as a human at the meat counter.

The finches are diving for cover in the thick foliage below.  Sometimes the hawks succeed in catching one of the finches.  Most of the time they don't.  Digital illustration first published April 19, 2005 by City Birds.

A Fascinating Sky When raptors are seen circling the sky terrifying the small birds; any dallying on their part will soon lead to aerial combat.  Gull-like birds, as well as Crows and Ravens, have zero tolerance for the presence of raptors in their sky.  Once raptors are spotted, the Gull, Raven, or Crow will sound the alarm in a voice capable of being heard quite a distance.  Others join in and they form a wolf pack.  Here, members of a wolf pack are climbing high into the sky above the raptors.  One at a time, they will dive bomb the intruders and indulge in back biting and feather pulling until the raptors are chased away.  Illustration first published March 26, 2005 by City Birds.

A pair of American Robins This digital photo shows a pair of American Robins perched above a courtyard, replete with a large old-growth pine tree and gardens below, and enjoying a pleasant early March 2005 morning in City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco.  Depending upon the weather, the Robins arrive here between the last week of January and the middle of February.  Digital photo by City Birds.

Blue Angels Over San Francisco -- 2003 This digital photo was taken during one of the Fleet Week 2003 airshows.  The Blue Angels are greatly upsetting the Ravens who claim the Aquatic Park area as their own.  Digital photo by City Birds.

Although the Blue Angels took a one year hiatus from San Francisco Fleet Week 2004, they returned in 2005 and gave some great performances.  Eight pictures of the Blue Angels over San Francisco October 2005 are included in Photo Gallery Twenty-seven.

Red-tailed Hawks Terrify the Small Birds This San Francisco scene shows a pair of Red-tailed Hawks terrifying the small birds as they fly over San Francisco looking for a meal during a cold, foggy day in the City.  Digital illustration by City Birds.

Ravens dance on a Cold, Windy Winter Day A cold, windy Winter day is a great day for Ravens.  They enjoy dancing in the breeze for long periods of time.  A digital photo by City Birds.

In addition to San Francisco scenes and events, the many City Birds galleries have photos of most birds of City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco.  Do a bird search of our Site and enjoy our city birds.

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