Of gulls, hawks and small birds

When raptors are seen circling the sky over City Birds Country, the Heart of San Francisco, terrifying the small birds; any dallying on their part will soon lead to aerial combat.  Gull-like birds, as well as Crows and Ravens, have zero tolerance for the presence of raptors in their sky.  Once raptors are spotted, the Gull, Raven, or Crow will sound the alarm in a voice capable of being heard quite a distance.  Others join in and they form a wolf pack.  Here, members of a wolf pack are climbing high into the sky above the raptors.  One at a time, they will dive bomb the intruders and indulge in back biting and feather pulling until the raptors are chased away.

This illustration was first published March 26, 2005 by City Birds.

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