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The Point Lobos area of San Francisco is located at the Western-most side of the City.  As such, the area is cold and overcast more often than not.  Summer 2006, with unusually fine weather, was an exception.  On such fine days, pack a lunch and plan to spend the day.  In addition to cultural activities to enjoy, there is an 18 hole golf course, picturesque beaches to work on the tan; and, there are incredible views everywhere one turns.  Don't forget the camera!  This gallery covers the Vietnam War Memorial at Fort Miley, the Palace of the Legion of Honor, Holocaust Memorial, and the Kanrin Maru Monument.  Also we show you some of the beautiful views seen from Point Lobos.  Click for Locator Map.  Photo Gallery Thirty-five was first published August 20, 2006 by City Birds.

Vietnam War Memorial. Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Old Canon, Fort Mason, San Francisco. Rodin's "The Thinker" Legion of Honor Portico Legion of Honor Columns.

Legion of Honor Columns walkway. Legion of Honor Landscape. Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc. Legion of Honor Garden.

West Wing, Legion of Honor. Spanish Explorer, el Cid. Spanish Explorer, el Cid. Lion on Guard, el Cid in Background. Blackbird at the Legion of Honor.

Point Lobos Path. View of Marin Headlands. Golden Gate Bridge from Point Lobos. Lincoln Golf Course, Mt. Sutro in Background. View of Downtown from Point Lobos.

From Point Lobos, St. Ignatius Church is seen in the background. Holocaust Memorial, Point Lobos. Holocaust Memorial, Point Lobos. Kanrin Maru Monument. Kanrin Maru Monument.

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