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The first day of Spring 2004 in San Francisco was as fine a day as one could hope for anywhere in the world.  Many city birds enjoyed the day at Fort Mason.  All of the pictures in Digital Photo Gallery Nine (with the exception of the first picture) were taken at Fort Mason on that wondrous day.

The first pictures touch upon the history of Fort Mason.  The remainder concentrate on the beauty of Fort Mason which is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  Seen here are some of the buildings, open spaces, wooded places, birds and flowers which make Fort Mason one of the most valued places in San Francisco.  The National Park Service has created a little piece of heaven for the people of the City and its visitors.  We hope you enjoy these never before published photos.

Fort Mason, Alcatraz Island and the Marin Headlands Fort Mason Post Chapel Fort Mason scene Fort Mason warehouses Close-up of a Fort Mason warehouse

Fort Mason Docks Fort Mason amusements The Crows of Fort Mason Brewer's Blackbird at Fort Mason Songbird and Crow at Fort Mason

Fort Mason Public Garden California Poppies at Fort Mason Fort Mason Public Garden Flowers at Fort Mason Public Garden A quiet path to enjoy at Fort Mason

Shady place at Fort Mason Open space at Fort Mason Guitar player at Fort Mason Happy dog at Fort Mason Man and dog at Fort Mason

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